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I Guess You’ll Do [Fliggo]

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In the kindred spirit of two prior posts here (The Myth of Male Power, A Case Against Marriage), I found a humourous animated clip derived from Mike Polk’s text about settling with a partner, rather than finding passion with one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t embed it here. Here’s the link, and please ignore the unfortunate title there “The Sad Truth about Relationships”, since there is no reason why it needs to be that way (see Join the Resistance: Fall in Love).

Video: I Guess You’ll do



The Clock

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Tick, Tock,
Tick, Tock,
We watch the clock
The routine never changing.
Life, Death,
Life, Death,
Work, work, work.
Where has the passion gone?
We fight for a dollar,
We lose a dollar.
Tick, Tock,
Tick, Tock,
Stop the clock!
Stop the noise!
If only for a moment.
See the beauty,
See the love in our dreams.
Close your eyes,
Stroke the face,
Feel the body, feel the heat.
Break the barrier
Relax and release
Take the time, just to feel.
See what is real
Find it, use it!
Passion! For love is light
Express through touch and sound!
Just, one touch
What a difference!
Tick, Tock,
Tick, Tock,
Back to watching the clock.

The Beauty that Surrounds Us

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The beauty that surrounds us
Through words that have been spoken
Every moment we speak,
This makes passion soar.

The music that we hear
Or the music that we play
Embraces with love
Embraces us with light.
Increasing our freedom
At every moment we make love.

Feel the space, Fill the space

Sharing our true thoughts
Let’s us know our mind
Let’s us know our bodies,
Let’s us know our soul
Our one true hidden place.

Every time we connect
Lessens the distance between our bodies.
Energy charges
Love expressed
Love manifests.

Feel the space, Fill the space.

The land of dreams
The many lives we have lived.
Centuries have passed.
The stories that have been told.
The pattern repeats,
The name is the same.
The name is always the same.

Feel the space, Fill the space
Feel and fill LOVE


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Living in quiet desperation.
What a life!
Scared of the truth.
Afraid of love.
Turn to creation,
Sensuality surges,
One touch, then the spark,
The fire, the desire!
Feel the intensity,
Soar to another plane.
We share with those we love.
The beauty we describe
Is beyond what eyes can see.
Explore the movement
Let the body flow and be free
Watch the dance it performs
An act of unique energy
The waves of love, seep through each limb.
Electricity pulses and explodes!
The rain washes away our secret
Make me feel, again!
Miss that tender touch.
Whisper my name
Whisper my name