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Time Exists Only in the Mind

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Time exists only in the mind.

Causality, fate, destiny, determination, determinism, beginnings and ends, forever, never, eternity. All fixations with time.

Time is becoming a slave to an instrument.

Time cannot be measured without an instrument.

Time is contrasting memories.

The obsession with time can be witnessed by the amount of clocks and calendars used. Time cannot be destroyed as it never existed.

The idea of time is used to coordinate efforts usually there are those who claim power as being the keeper in time. Those who employ are often obsessed with time.

Productivity is also a fixation on time.

The cure for time is amnesia. Time disappears when everything is forgotten. There is no physical time. It is just an arbitrary calibration of memories.  One needs points of reference, so they claim.

Without time there is no causality. Causality is a euphemism for blame.
efficiency. Agendas, plans, goals.. again time.

The tool and time.

Time was a byproduct of the tool. When man began to imagine how a thing will make a job easier. To-do lists are also time.

Beware of those speaking of destiny as they wish to impose time upon others. Without time man would have become civilized.

Without memory there is no time.

Thinking is contrasting memories hoping to predict the next event.
Science is a field to justify time.

Is time a good conceptual tool?

Can we live without the time concept?

Probably not in this industrial society. Fixated on clocks, calendars, what “occasion” it is. While time may seem to give us order, it also enslaves us.

The idea of time disassociates us from the immediate. From what is in front of us.
One can not be engaged in time and interact with what surrounds us.
Thus thinking, time, makes us all lose connectivity with the environment around us.

I don’t recognize dates. All these stupid occasion when we are imposed some sort of token gesture to maintain the “civil” lie. The text can alienating.

No more to do lists!

Bills and the government compels us to fixate with time. Deadlines. Those who love deadlines want control. Over themselves. Over others.

Love is connection, not associated with time.
We share memories.
Are memories bad?
Language is a conceptual tool that has become useful in communications, surely that can’t be bad.
Words are representation.
Consequences. Everything with a beginning has consequences, the end.
Think of the consequences. Live in fear.

Time can create anxiety.
Time management is a joke.
Time as a coordinating standard. Who controls that standard? The calendar? The clock?

What is stopped being, after I said it.
Existence is man’s fixation at immortality.

Time in the mind
There’s no other kind,
Instrument calibrated arbitrarily
Reason with no time vanishes
Can’t sense it
Can’t taste it
Can only think it


How To (or 10 Ways) to Waste Time Reading Productivity Blogs

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1. Feel the shame of not implementing the brilliant systems you stumbled upon
2. Verb the noun into success, money and/or happiness.
3. Read 10 productivity blogs saying the same thing in 10 different ways
4. Read the 10 reasons you should do something you aren’t doing.
5. Enjoy the fun of being patronized by titles like “How to” instead of the more accurate “How I”
6. Shit, I gotta pull 4 more bullet points out of my ass.
7. Read “Rules” and “Laws” in the title and give added reverence to the opinions.
8. Salivate over productivity tools you can’t afford, using systems you can’t understand.
9. Get more tips than a mob of porcupines.
10. Rinse and repeat to avoid the shit you should be doing now.

11. Look frantically for goals. Its all about goals you know… get some now.. shit, I went over 10… hmm.. hey, you got a bonus way/tip/law/rule! Be grateful I’m sharing my wisdom and eradicating your ignorance.

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