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Fear of being alone

Posted in Culture, Philosophy, Relationships with tags , , , , on April 17, 2008 by 99ppp

Can you hear me?
Why am I so afraid,
To let go?
I have faith
That will bond us together,
Faith in each other.
I know,
Nothing lasts forever,
So, why am I still afraid,
To let go?
Fear of the unknown?
Fear to be alone?
Fear to try something new?
Reality, Sexuality, Creativity!
“The unknown mystery.
No need to be afraid
No past, nor future
Just enjoy the moment.
Just let go!
Have faith,
Continued faith in community.”



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The masks we wear!
Disguise our true selves.
Are we strangers
Or have we lost ourselves.
Who do we trust?
Society, family, or friends.
Strangers seem more real,
Than those we know.
Have we lost ourselves?
Feel the desperation,
Of wanting to belong
Feelings of fear
Just to be close to anyone.
Save me ! Help me !
Love me !
Stop the isolation!
Be near me, get to know me!
I am not afraid anymore.
Guide me!
The light is beautiful
Wrap your arms around me!
Disarm me !
And unravel my soul.