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The Beauty that Surrounds Us

Posted in Love, Poetry, Relationships with tags , , , , , , , on February 11, 2008 by 99ppp

The beauty that surrounds us
Through words that have been spoken
Every moment we speak,
This makes passion soar.

The music that we hear
Or the music that we play
Embraces with love
Embraces us with light.
Increasing our freedom
At every moment we make love.

Feel the space, Fill the space

Sharing our true thoughts
Let’s us know our mind
Let’s us know our bodies,
Let’s us know our soul
Our one true hidden place.

Every time we connect
Lessens the distance between our bodies.
Energy charges
Love expressed
Love manifests.

Feel the space, Fill the space.

The land of dreams
The many lives we have lived.
Centuries have passed.
The stories that have been told.
The pattern repeats,
The name is the same.
The name is always the same.

Feel the space, Fill the space
Feel and fill LOVE


Technologically Advanced, Socially Fucked

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When we talk of peace
We talk about war.
When we write about peace
We inevitably write about war.
When we dream of peace
We still see war.
Which reality do we believe
Which reality do we manifest.
Resolve the war within in our minds
Until then we shall not know peace.

The images we see
Do they reflect the world we live in ?
Images bombard us day and night
of strife, violence, hunger and poverty

where is the joy?
Where is the love?
Where is peace?

We stand alone
We forget community
We struggle alone
We get confused by the messages
delivered to us through different forms
of technology.

Television, computers, messengers
and e-mails, texting and cel phones.
Have we lost our way of communicating
to one another ?

We fear the strangers.
They have now become the new demon.
No longer the ones we read
from the many books that have been written
so long ago.
Still passed on to instill a new fear.
Fear of one another.

Trust only a higher power
Not the power within’
What is this “ higher power”?
Have we lost touch
with our inner selves.

Are we so out of touch
that we have lost faith in humanity
Faith in ourselves
Stop and listen


The noise of technology
drowns out the song in our soul.

Express your true voice
Find your own voice
Find your individuality
create a new self
Not what a 30 second spot
magazines or even Oprah
define who you are.

Turn off the television
Tune out even this blog
Make your own choices
We need no more sheep.
We need more individuals.
We need more love
which has many new faces.