Instruction Manual for Life

Well worth a peek, good food for thought. [Vid: 8:01min]

Animation by TheraminTrees and QualiaSoup


5 Responses to “Instruction Manual for Life”

  1. That was the wisest video I ever saw at WP. Bravo!

  2. surfnturf Says:

    I loved it

  3. Interesting. Was that Flash Gordon I saw flashing?

    What train of thought led to cupboards? An instruction manual. Loved how abstract (if that is the right word) your use of imagery managed to be.

    Cupboards? Would never have imagined.

    Difference is the essence of balance and beauty. Well illustrated. Thanks.

    99ppp: TheraminTree and his brother QualiaSoup created the above animation, just added the link above. I’m sure they’d love to hear your feedback! 🙂

  4. Just about the best thing on all of YouTube. I love pretty much all of Theramin and Qualia’s videos, but this is by far the best. Not only thought-provoking, but also stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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