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How To (or 10 Ways) to Waste Time Reading Productivity Blogs

Posted in Culture, Deorganizing, Media with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on February 7, 2008 by 99ppp

1. Feel the shame of not implementing the brilliant systems you stumbled upon
2. Verb the noun into success, money and/or happiness.
3. Read 10 productivity blogs saying the same thing in 10 different ways
4. Read the 10 reasons you should do something you aren’t doing.
5. Enjoy the fun of being patronized by titles like “How to” instead of the more accurate “How I”
6. Shit, I gotta pull 4 more bullet points out of my ass.
7. Read “Rules” and “Laws” in the title and give added reverence to the opinions.
8. Salivate over productivity tools you can’t afford, using systems you can’t understand.
9. Get more tips than a mob of porcupines.
10. Rinse and repeat to avoid the shit you should be doing now.

11. Look frantically for goals. Its all about goals you know… get some now.. shit, I went over 10… hmm.. hey, you got a bonus way/tip/law/rule! Be grateful I’m sharing my wisdom and eradicating your ignorance.

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