The Myth of Male Power

Let’s date a while
lavish me with gifts
A tease here and there
To show I am
naughty and nice
I really do like you
Let’s date a while

Buy me a ring
Show me you love me
Buy me a ring
The size of the rock
Shows me the size of your financial cock

Are you a man?
Then buy me a house
You will work like a horse
Day in and day out
Are you a man
Then buy me a house

Are you a father?
Let’s make some babies
Something to love
instead of you
Lavish my attention
To keep ignoring you
Are you a father
Then lets make some babies

Will you protect me
and all my stuff?
my womanhood and my children
are the priority
You are last on my list
With all the things to do.
I will always love you
Just protect me
and all my stuff.
My womanhood and my children
are the priority.

Are you stressed
With all my demands?
Well make some more money
for me to spend
You know I love you
With the things I buy
I take care of the kids and of you
Buy some take-out dinner
and give up some sex
These little sacrifices
To play my part.

Oh how I love you
Oh how I love you
Shower you with my love
Ignore you and tease you
Flaunt my aging body
to the younger pack
Just to show you I love you

At the end of our days
Years have gone by
We’ll discuss my love for you
To many strangers
The kids will be strangers
We shall be strangers
Living together, yet feeling alone
Oh how I will wish for the days of old.


3 Responses to “The Myth of Male Power”

  1. Interesting and angry.
    I know many a woman who can argue against this…

  2. My only thought is would they admit they feel this way.
    If you do know any of these women I would love to know their opinion.
    Thanks for your comments

  3. Like everything else written, I love this. I think that there is truth to these words. Not to insinutate that all women think this way, but I do believe that in our culture it is common to socialize young girls into equating gifts with expressions of love.

    And, perhaps, everyone’s definition of love is warped and unrealistic, or perhaps merely fuzzy and unintelligible. Such an abstract concept is nigh impossible to define. But I would highly doubt that there are no females who don’t see love through lenses such as these. Males, too, really. Just depends on who you ask.


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