A Pure Form of Expression

In our hearts, we hold
the purest form of love
We guard it
We isolate it
Afraid to expose it

Why do we fear ?
Why do we withdraw?
from one of the purest
form of expression
That which we call


2 Responses to “A Pure Form of Expression”

  1. I was struggling today and really needed this. I have been trying to sort out what’s wrong with me today. I am afraid and feel myself withdrawing, but until I read your poem, I didn’t understand that was what I was feeling. Your words crystalized it for me. So, any idea where I might find the answers?

    It is very direct, honest and beautifully written. I like it a lot.

    Wink and a nod,
    Miss D

  2. The answer to the question you pose is rather simple in the end. We do not expose are love fully because that would mean that we expose ourselves to the possibility of being hurt. It is a conundrum because if we do not fully love, we do not fully live and therefore the hurt we shield ourselves from becomes a greater pain then that which we imagine could happen to us.

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