Terrence McKenna: Culture is NOT your friend.

McKenna’s take on culture is one well worth considering. Please excuse the low static. (Vid: 3:30min)

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2 Responses to “Terrence McKenna: Culture is NOT your friend.”

  1. “……Culture is not your friend…….”. Amen to that!!

    “……..How do we fight back…….?”. By each of us taking time to educate ourselves, to make ourselves culturally literate. The task of the manipulators of the public mood, or public opinion, is made easy to the extent that we remain in willful ignorance of history, and all the other areas of knowledge which make us culturally literate.

    A nation of the culturally illiterate chooses a George Bush to lead them, not just once, but twice!!

  2. @Caroline: I generally agree with what you’re saying, that there is a greater need for independent thinking instead of mindlessly following the herd, or the message of those who deem themselves best able to shape cultural currents (Big Media).

    I’m a little skeptical about history since often it can be glorified hearsay. We can learn from the past and also be burdened by it.

    As far as leadership is concerned, I’d hope more get involved in the cultural discourse, instead of looking for a political, social or spiritual leader to save them. Thanks for your comment.

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