Fear of being alone

Can you hear me?
Why am I so afraid,
To let go?
I have faith
That will bond us together,
Faith in each other.
I know,
Nothing lasts forever,
So, why am I still afraid,
To let go?
Fear of the unknown?
Fear to be alone?
Fear to try something new?
Reality, Sexuality, Creativity!
“The unknown mystery.
No need to be afraid
No past, nor future
Just enjoy the moment.
Just let go!
Have faith,
Continued faith in community.”


6 Responses to “Fear of being alone”

  1. This is a wonderful affirmation of faith… lest doubt be paved over by faith and light… fear not of being alone, be still and listen… you are not alone… listen, can you hear it?

  2. “Just enjoy the moment”…how profound is that and how hard to do.

    “Nothing lasts forever” – and yet we expect it to and mourn things when they do end.

    It is our perception that is faulty…

    Really made me think 🙂

  3. Beautiful. I will hold these words to me as I enter a new time in my life . . . one without fear . . . one based on faith.

    This is most inspiring and appropriate to my current situation.

    Thank you,
    Miss D

  4. It is amazing how we become a prisnor or our own fears when the momenet is all there ever is, ever was!

  5. Enreal,
    I hear it. Tahnk you for tose words of wisdom.

    I am learning to enjoy the moment and not dwell on past or future events.
    Perception a strange reality tunnel!

    Miss D,
    I hope your current adventure is enjoyed and appreciated on both ends, one day at a time.

    I do agree how easily we get trapped by our own fears.
    1 step at at a time , 1 day at a time.

    Brightest blessings to all of you
    YOur thoughts are truly appreciated

  6. I suspect our deeply rooted belief in being a separate self can’t imagine our more genuine relatedness to life and our environment which is where we belong and our true home.


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