Reflections of Light

You are the light that blossoms all thought
You are the water where ideas flow
You are the snow that creates a new canvas
You are the sun , the birth of life

You are all I need to feed my soul

You are energy
my sensation , my love

You are the branches that connects us all
You are the earth where life is born

You are all that my soul needs.

You are the stars that light up the sky.
A reflection and reminder of light
that has passed through our lives.

you all that my soul needs.


5 Responses to “Reflections of Light”

  1. A beautiful new poem to go with your wonderful new theme! I like both very much.

    Miss D

  2. Miss Demure
    May the the stars shine on everyone.
    I also glad to have connected with you.
    Brightest blessings

  3. Wonderful poem…..I read the words and it is as if they are flowing from my mind…

    As Miss D said, I love the look as well.

    99ppp: Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope we all continue the flow and exchange of ideas.

  4. Wonderful. You’ve found the essence of what we all really need to feed our souls. It is all so simple really isn’t it?

    I love your words – they sing.

    99ppp:We take one baby step at a time. Even though we know it is simple. Sometimes we have are difficult time applying.It really means a lot coming from you. Saying these words sing.
    Blessed be

  5. The images you paint… your words form a timeless portrait… of ones soul

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