Will the New Iron Man movie Peddle or Decry the War Machine?

As propaganda is our bread and butter here, I just saw the trailer for the Iron Man movie, and was dismayed to see few arguments against the Military-Industrial complex within it. I haven’t seen the movie, but according to the book “Comic Book Nation” :

The most political of Marvel’s superheroes was Iron Man, a hero literally forged on the battlefields of Vietnam. In his first act as a superhero, he demolishes a Viet Cong military base and overthrows a sadistic Communist warlord. As Tony Stark, he serves a vital function in America’s military-industrial complex, both as a weapons inventor and a defense contractor. As Iron Man, he foils Communist agents and battles Soviet supervillains in symbolic Cold War contests of power and will….. The Iron Man series showed the extent to which Marvel endorsed Cold War assumptions. There was little room for dissent. As Iron Man once asserted, “No one has the right to defy the wishes of his government! Not even Iron Man!”

Now replace Vietnam with Afghanistan, Communist/Soviet with Terrorist, and Cold War with War on Terror and suddenly the film may be updated to modern times while pushing the same agenda.

In fairness, the comic did take a turn and begin to question the initial premises during the early seventies and the film may take a similar approach. Yet taking a peek at the trailer below, especially Iron Man flying “majestically” alongside high-tech products of the war industry, it doesn’t bode well that the film will be a critique of the Military-Industrial Complex. For that, I recommend Lord of War, Why We Fight (documentary) .

Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favourite actors who usually picks interesting roles, and it’d be a shame if he’s compromised himself to land the big paycheck.

Here’s Eisenhower’s warning on the Military Industrial Complex:

Here’s the Iron Man Trailer:


3 Responses to “Will the New Iron Man movie Peddle or Decry the War Machine?”

  1. Observer Says:

    Hey, just to let ye know, the new Iron Man Trailer is out, shows some interesting turns in comparison to this one.
    For one, it looks like the jest are actually chasing him, he makes some evasive maneuvers and ends up holding on to the bottom of one in a very conspicuous manner. Furthermore, he also stated, after he escaped, that his “eyes had been opened” and that he “wishes to protect the people from the danger he put them in” as a supplier of high tech weaponry.
    Looks like it isn’t going to be all that much of a patriotic war-endorsement clip it looked to be.

  2. Thanks for the tip! The trailer in this post made things ambiguous, thus prompting the question in the title. I will check out the new trailer, and follow up. Do you have a site where I can see it?

  3. There is a CLEAR Anti-military industrial complex aganda in this movie, yet another film telling the young and old, just how Bad America is.

    It pushes the belief that if America stops making weapons there will be peace. So naive, and sad.

    99ppp: It is the weapons industry who get fat contracts and their close relationship with many of those who govern that is of concern to many including Eisenhower way back then. Some are getting very rich out of other’s paranoia.

    What I see as sad is the squandering of resources towards weapons designed to destroy rather than create. And naive to think that amplifying mistrust due to weapon proliferation can lead to peace.

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