Valentine’s Day: Cheap Scheduled “Romance”

Are we so starved for love that this vacuous Hallmark Holiday has become meaningful to us? To look upon a calendar to check on what we’re supposed to feel is pathetic, and its not even a day off (the only importance I give any other “holiday”.. a day off). Some who are romance-starved think they should be swept off their feet, those sex-starved think they got a chance to get laid. The mirage leveraged into buying cheap sentiment with some flowers, candy, and/or a trip to a fancy restaurant. “Love” commodified, packaged and consumed.

If you forget Valentine’s Day, rejoice, as that putrid meme is gradually dissipating from our culture. But beware, there are plenty who would like to keep it in your mind so you’ll buy useless junk that’ll reside in a bloated landfill after the novelty wears off.

If your hunny insists on the observance of this empty day, here’s a good approach, courtesy of the Letterman show:


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